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IzaBelle Sweet

YOU Ready?! 

Let's PLAY!

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Preview: Chapter 1
Adult Kindergarten: Reschooling the Inner Child​
Reply with: Let's PLAY!
Upcoming Adult Kindergarten Events
Inner Child Healing and Care Info:

Contact me for more info

izabellesweetcoaching@gmail.com  /  Tel. (619) 940-7131

About Us

WE are always doing our best!


  1. Everyone is innocent and good to the core.

  2. Any and all emotions are welcome, encouraged, loved and supported.

  3. We keep a learner's mind/an open mind.

  4. Everyone is seen and heard, it is safe to be seen and heard. 

  5. We say what we mean and mean what we say. 

  6. We love all our parts, all aspects of our SELF.

  7. We set clear boundaries, we state our boundaries.

  8. We ask for help and we ask for our needs to get met. 

  9. We create/believe in Win/Win situations.

  10. You are shaped by your choices.

About ME

I am IzaBelle Sweet.

I am a Quantum Healer.

I am here to release the thoughts that hold you back and keep you small. 

So you can be your Biggest, most Awesome Self!